Streaming occasionally and therefor no need for a monthly subscription? Streal got your back as we offer Single Event support. Just pay per event without a monthly subscription fee.

The Single Event plan includes a livestream event page and up to 1000 views included (3.5 TB). If you have more viewers we only charge the additional data at €5 per TB.

Single Event

199 p/stream
  • 1 livestream event page
  • 1000 view hours included (3.5 TB)
  • Interactive module (chat, poll, q&a)
  • Paywall integration (Pay Per View support)
  • Branded event landingpage
  • Stream summary report
  • Event added to library and agenda
  • €5 per extra TB
  • + €20 per brand/channel (add your streams to your custom branded channel)
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