Streal+ offers you all the functionalities, included in your own company domain & website. We will not only support you with company branded events but we will also customise your company Streal landingpages to your company layout and designs.

Create your own OTT livestream platform using our technology.

All your upcoming streams and on demand videos will added to the Streal instance running on your company domain (website). You get your on private hosting servers and stream and brand channel creation wizard.

We charge one-time onboarding fee of €1500,00 to integrate the Streal platform with your company domain.


180 p/month
  • Unlimited stream events p/ month
  • On demand video library
  • Unlimited brand/channel landing pages
  • 10000 views p/month included (35 TB)
  • Interactive module (chat, poll, q&a)
  • Moderation & host dashboards
  • Stream brand channel and event setup wizard
  • Paywall integration (PPV Support): €1.00 service fee p/ticket
  • Events added to your company domain white label Streal instance
  • €5 per extra TB
  • €1500 onboarding fee (Streal domain integration)